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Hey guys!( i know i do not have many followers but oh well).
I am thinking of writing a Supernatural fanfiction and a character and here she is! Her name is Chase Beckett. this is a very rough rough idea of her but i wanted to see what you guys thought of her.
Fullname:  Victoria Chase Beckett
Nickname: Chasey (Dean); Little soldier (Jake Beckett)
Gender: female
Date of birth: January 20th, 1981
Occupation: Hunter
Education: Jumped from public school to public school when with dad, Bobby kept her at home and she taught herself
Eyes: Green and gold flecked (one eye bluer)
Hair: dirty blonde  a little past her shoulders, with side bangs over her left eye
- Usually wears it down, in a braid,or in a bun with hair in the back like in a fan
Skin tone: Light but slightly tan
Height: 5'8'
Scars/tattoos/marks: scar under right eye and tattoo of pentagram (either on the back of right shoulder) with some freckles (like her Dad)
Staples to character: father's leather jacket, knife, and ear cuff
Positive traits: intelligent, loyal, family oriented, self-reliant, courageous
Negative: Closed off, curious, stubborn, insecure and an overthinker
Style: Tomboy (jeans, random tshirt, boots or converse, leather jacket, etc)
Overall personality: Stubborn, family oriented, tries to lighten situation with sometimes melancholy jokes, or sarcastic comments. Very mature most of the time but sometimes very childish, doesn't usually share feelings, usually cocky and tries to prove she is right. Feels like everything is her fault even when it isn't. Doesn't like to keep things unfinished. will do anything for the people closest to her in life. Very street smart, survival smart and but also book smart. Tries to save everyone possible, if not takes it very harshly and bottles it up. Doesn't cry in front of people she takes her frustrations out physically usually by shooting or hunting. Very adaptable always changing, cannot be alone but very closed off doesn't like to share emotion. Loves to read up on mysteries, and also mythology.  Very curious, intelligent, loyal, but also stubborn, inquisitive, insecure, over thinks. Strong willed, and will do anything to get the job done to save people.
Likes: savory foods (burgers), knife throwing and collecting, shooting, reading.
Fears: Heights
Hobbies: Reading, knife throwing, drawing, listening to classic rock, driving her car or motorcycle.
Car/Motorcycles: 1973 Dodge Charger(built from parts in Bobby's scrap yard). 750cc 1942 Harley-Davidson XA (given to her by Bobby but she made some modifications)
Habits: plays with knife while thinking, taking things apart and putting them back together, drawing on herself.
- Food: Cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles, extra onions and ketchup
-  Book: Modern alchemy by mark morrisson
- Songs:  Don't fear the reaper- Blue oyster cult, Enter sandman- Metallica
- Band: Metallica
- Type of music: Classic Rock
-Dessert: Chocolate pudding pie
- Mother: Susan
- Father:  Jasper
- Brothers: Kane (1 year younger than Chase) and Aiden (3 years younger than Chase)
- Almost her family:
o Dean Winchester
o Sam Winchester
o Bobby Singer

- Taken Taekwondo and fencing since she was 4.(picked it up quickly)
- Has a knife collection with over 50 knives.
- Parents divorced age 8 (dad left after fight with her mom and she left with him and he let her stay with him){brothers stayed with Mom}
- Dad trained Chase since she was 4 because he saw that she had the potential to be a great hunter and she could protect the family when he was away.(dad trained Kane along with Chase so he could protect the family and he knew she would want to hunt, Kane thought of it more as a game.)
- Interested in Alchemy and technology and how things work.
- Very Good at fixing things and also making things (weapons, cars, motorcycles, really anything she can get her hands on)
- Hair is always sort of messy no matter what.
- doesnt drink.
- Looks up to Bobby(like her Uncle), and Dean, Sam is more of her best friend.
- Gets mad if anyone calls her Victoria. (Dean does to make fun of her and she usually hits him for that)
- Her mom always called her Victoria and that is why she hates it when anyone calls her Victoria.
- Even though her mom was her mom Chase didnt like her, Chase always had a bad vibe around her mom.
-Only cried once in front of someone (Bobby).
-Misses her brothers, would occasionally check up on them when she was with her dad.
- Can't sleep unless the problem in front of her is solved.
-Obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and Grimm's Fairy tales, her dad used to read it to her as a bedtime stories.
-Can't usually befriend girls easily, other girls find her weird and guys usually want to just be her friend.
-wears welding goggles on her head when she is inventing or making things.

  • Listening to: Enter sandman- Metallica
  • Reading: Casual Vacancy- J.K. Rowling
  • Watching: Supernatural (starting over!)
  • Eating: french fries
  • Drinking: water


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United States
I am just a Mystery geek with a little bit of a talent for Art. I am not the best but i am not the worst either! I love video games, books, Doctor Who, Supernatural,Sherlock/Anything Sherlock holmes related, Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga, also both Anime[FMA &FMAB]), Detective Conan, Hunger Games, Pushing Daises, Nancy Drew,Japan, Kingdom Hearts, and Star wars.
"I like him. He says okie dokie." ~Dean Winchester

"What kind of a house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks!!" ~Sam Winchester

"Family don't end with blood, boy." ~Bobby Singer

"when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." ~Sherlock Holmes

"Even when our eyes are closed, there's a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams."
~Edward Elric

"With a keen eye for details, one truth prevails"
~Shinichi(Jimmy) Kudo/ Conan Edogawa

"Sissi dear, under normal circumstances I would take the time to tell you to go fly a kite, but this time I'll be less polite and just ignore you."
~ Ulrich to Sissi in Routine

First of all, I am not your 'Ulrich dear'. Second, no, I will not go to your room to explain Exercise B on page 52.

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